The Gaming Desktop You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Is it a built-in drawback for boys who love games that they tend to be more attracted to gaming desktops displayed in computer stores? And funny though it may, girls hate it. I have a friend who is in constant ‘whine mode’ whenever we see each other, as her boyfriend keeps on begging her to grant his wish — a sleek beast just like on the above picture. ‘Pathetic,’ you may say. One thing she keeps on saying is that she would be happy to buy such gaming desktop if it were not for its colossal price.

If you happen to be reading this blog, you might be one of a few people here in UAE wanting to buy a decent desktop. Either you are just looking online for gaming computers to quench your thirst for the lightning speed gameplay, or you are ready to shell out money and make your dreams come true — theĀ better-than-the-best gaming desktop. And I for one will tell you dreams do come true. We make it here in Ink Latte Computers.

Games like Dota 2 and Counterstrike: Global Offensive are one of the most role-playing games played online. These games run in simple gaming pc setup even with a shared graphic memories like the Intel HD 530 in the skylake Core i3 6100. Even if you put the settings on Ultra at 1080P, they run like water from your jug. Unfortunately, laptops — even the Core i5 Macbook — don’t make justice for these types of games. You can only play them on your laptop in medium setting, and you would still experience lags.

Yes, laptops are good in terms of portability and convenience of use. You can put them in your backpack, go to starbucks, and voila! You can start working just like in your real office. But If you want to squeeze every power out of your spent money, then a desktop is a way to go. It is not just an ordinary desktop, I should say, but a desktop built specifically for your own needs. Say you want to surf the net from time to time and to play games every now and then, then you don’t need to spend a fortune for your laptop or desktop.

If you happen to be a gamer, then get a gaming desktop. You are not entitled for a ‘gamer’ title if you only have a laptop. There are a lot of things to take into credit for the type of machine you are using: (1) power and speed; (2) stability; (3) cooling system; and (4)aesthetic. Yeah, we’re all familiar of the first two or three, but the forth one? Man, we almost forgot about that one, right? Try to look at that above picture. Isn’t she a marvelous sight to have? And what more if she is on your desk? You might break down in tears.

So this blog will help you on things about workstation setups and gaming desktops. Just visit from time to time, and we might bump onto an ‘information mine’ aboutĀ these very interesting topics.

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