Why Build Your Own Gaming PC?

I am a gamer, and I know that we pride ourselves on the specifications under the hood of our gaming PC. Whether you are a critical-thinking Dota 2 player or side-stepping, sharp-eyed Counter Strike addict, you always want the fastest and most powerful gaming PC out in the market. Our browser history would always comprise of either the Razer, Alienware or Asus gaming PC websites if we take the time to look at the activity log during our ordinary day. And when going to malls, we spend so much time in the computer stores, salivating while reading the specs of each displayed gaming desktop. Just as much as we want to get the best looking and performing gaming desktop, however, we are always out of budget. We don’t want to spend more money for a decent gaming desktop, let alone a topnotch one.

The above scenario is a typical one for pc gamers, and I am no exception to such. Despite of working and earning a six-digit salary, it is really hard for me to shell money to get a proper gaming desktop. Latest gaming PCs nowadays are ridiculously expensive. Maybe, it is the brand. So I have decided to follow the path less traveled–the path of PC building. Seriously, it is not a less traveled path. A lot of people are doing this stuff for like sometime now. It is just that I have been a neanderthal for quite a time. Anyway, I started learning to build a PC.

At first, I thought to myself that I need to do this systematically. So I bought a book. Yes, I bought a book. And guess what? I didn’t check if the book is the latest one. I found out that it was published around year 2000. I still read the book though. It was a very informative read, but it would have been a worthier read had I have the newer edition. Nonetheless, I gained a very good foundation in PC building (of 60-year-old PCs).

The old PC-building book has taught me critical points to consider before building my first PC: (1) the PC should be future-proof; (2) don’t buy generic PC components; (3) it should serve its purpose; and (4) it should look awesome. So, I have decided to go for the latest socket and for a high-quality gaming motherboard. Month by month I purchased each stuff, and it took me three months to complete that beast sitting on my desk now. I apologize for the sugarcoat. I can’t help it.

You can see my newly build PC above. I named that machine: Dmitry. On my next posts, I will write about the components I have used.

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