Should I Switch to Intel’s 7th-Generation Processors Now?

I am sitting with a 6th-generation Skylake processor on my desk. On ordinary days, I play PC games and surf. I play Defense of the Ancient 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. They are both light games.

2435823037_7c7598d137_oThe 6th generation processor was the latest chip during the time I build my second gaming rig. My gaming desktop is powered by Intel’s Core i5 6600K in a Gigabyte’s Z170x gaming 3 edition motherboard. My computer can really take on anything I throw.

Last month I got excited. I read Intel’s 7th generation release dates are fixed. I am not going to upgrade my build anytime soon, but knowing Intel has a new line of more powerful processors makes my blood pumping.

I checked for news, reviews and anything in between. I wanted to know how powerful Intel’s 7th-generation processors were. I found some information, and they’re pleasant.

Intel's 7th-Generation Core Processors
Here are the 7 things about the 7th-generation core processors

A series of demos have been conducted last November. In the demo, Intel has shown the 7th generation chip’s raw power and potential by performing CPU-intensive tasks. An upgrade of 12% in terms of performance was noted.

You can check 7 Things about Intel’s 7th-Generation Processors if you want to know more about Intel’s 7th-generation processors.

Meanwhile, AMD has been secretly making their most powerful processor: the AMD Ryzen. The latest demo has shown exciting results. AMD Ryzen is as powerful as Intel’s 6th-generation 6900K.

AMD has remained second to Intel until now. The new chip can be the Silicon-Valley company’s holy-grail. Or it is just an addition to the shortcomings of its predecessors.

AMD hasn’t shown much about its new chip, but it has received varying opinions from pundits and enthusiasts. Some says AMD cheated in the demo, while others are excited to welcome AMD’s new chip.

On my part, I think the computer industry will be on its best form. The competition AMD is bringing to the table is going to force Intel to lower down its CPU prices. Intel processors are expensive.

Perhaps, I am going to keep my current rig and see how things unfold. After all, I am still satisfied with my Core i5 6600K. In fact, I haven’t overclocked it yet.

Let’s hope the AMD Ryzen lives up to its promise. That is, it has the power to stand against Intel’s eight-core Core i7 6900K processor.

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