I Have Decided to be a Millionaire

Be with me as I journey to my first million.

Yes, I have just decided to be a millionaire. And there’s no way of stopping me from achieving this goal. I am tired of being poor. I am tired of being emerge in financial problems. I am tired of being held back by the number of digits of my savings account balance. I am tired of being a financial illiterate. So I have decided to be a millionaire.

As of now, I am nowhere halfway of becoming a millionaire. I, however, believes this objective is achievable, ie, if I stick to my strategy. I am currently working as a nurse in one of the top hospitals here in Al Ain City. I earn enough to provide the needs and wants of my family here and in the Philippines.

I’m pushing myself to learn new things regarding investment methods. I have read about bonds, ETF’s and Stocks. I participate in webinars. In fact, I have recently joined an investment group that I believe will help me in developing a millionaire’s mindset. So far, everything is going according to plan. I will need an additional two years to become a millionaire.

Actually, I am doing this blog to document the stuffs running in my head. I want to take note of all the things — money-related — I am doing. And of course, I want to inspire people when I get my first million. Well, I’m hoping not to disappoint everyone in case I don’t achieve my goal. Anyhow, I just hope and pray that I will make the right decisions and calls to be successful.

So, I will see you from time to time, as I write stuffs on this blog.

By the way, I am attracted to super computers. I usually build gaming and workstation PC’s for my friends. You can browse some of my work on my previous write-ups.

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